Centuries ago, civilizations have recognized and accepted the most fundamental instincts of all - i.e., the need for companionship - and instituted an honorable tradition known as marriage. If you are looking for genuine Matrimonial offers, you have just come to the right place. SNDP Marry.com is a 100% free matrimonial site for single men and women looking to find their match and perfect marriage partner for life.

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Our vision is a world where the look out for a life-partner is as satisfying as the journey you enjoy with your soul-mate. SNDP Marry.com .


Our mission is focused to work towards social commitment; our main aim is to help financially backward people in their marriage and educational requirements.

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About SNDP Union Erumeli and Youth Movement Kooramthook SNDP Union Erumeli is newly created Union , it stands in the Heart of Erumely (The land of Lord Ayyappa). Union started with a social project named www.bloodbankkerala.com followed by great support of SNDP Youth Movement Kooramthook , their second Joint venture is SNDP Marry.com. Now more people can get blood at right time through the valuable service from www.bloodbankkerala.com. The service mentality , hard work, professionalism are the key of success of the team at Youth Movement kooramthook, one can get hopeful support from the General Secretary of SNDP Yogam and Admministrator of Erumeli Union.

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SNDP Marry.com is the perfect online web portal encouraging Ezhava matchmaking; and is the ultimate brain child of the Youth movement Kooramthook which is jointly supported by the SNDP Union Erumely. SNDP Marry.com was inaugurated by Sri.Vellappally Nadesan (Hon. General Secretary of SNDP Yogam). SNDP Marry.com has made seeking for one's better half easier than said, our global reach, huge data base, quick navigation, unique security settings as made our website a one stop easy unit where everyone finds their perfect match. Our sole commitment is to keep up the sacredness of matrimony. Finding one's soul mate is never an easy task, especially within our altered Indian culture. The portal is powered by our dynamic IT professionals at Spider Techno Soft, whose main aim always remain to be committed to the general public and well being of the society. Our verification team examines all details of candidates and prepares a profile for only eligible individuals. We assure you that faulty information will never be published on this website; and that we shall offer only genuine database to all our trusted clients. We consider this more of a social service than to mere business. We have made use of the latest technology to assure maximum security to all our users. We take pride in being the first matrimonial portal which offers free online service to the huge Ezhava community worldwide. We also have the largest database, and easiest search settings to find the right people in your world. Come all you happy singles; Wish you a happy match making experience.

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